July 9, 2014

Paradise Dreaming

swim top // f21     top // ross     shorts // ross     cap // UCLA

I'm back from Paradisee! I recently went to Cancun, and I have yet to spam you guys with posts, so consider yourself warned! 
Cancun was super fun, and I'd love to go back! If only it weren't so humid...
Hope your summer break is going well; personally, I'm brainstorming for my college essays already =/


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xx shirley

June 28, 2014

Heart Out

t o p // ross     f l a n n e l // forever21     s k o r t // c/o cndirect     j e w e l r y // c/o infinitine

Expect more outfit posts since I'm on summer vacation now!!
Also clutched my 4.0 for this semester so I am SO incredibly happy and proud.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate my bracelet that is a bent screw/nail? yeah. 
I just want to say that infinitive jewelry is SO great. LIKE...the quality is freaking amazing. Honestly I was expecting cheap quality since it was from Asia, but it's actually really really good high quality.
just FYI!(:

xx shirley

June 18, 2014

Pure White

t o p // ross     d r e s s // forever21     h a t // forever21     s u n g l a s s e s // c/o 80spurple

Decided to drag my family to a cute little vegan cafe in Downtown Fullerton on a sunny Sunday, and it was one of my favorite days to date. The food was marvelous and I'm actually considering becoming a vegan...but we'll see.

As the school year ends, I can't believe that I'm allowed to say that...I'm OFFICIALLY a SENIOR now! I'm not prepared at all for the boatload of stress that's about to be dumped on me, but I'm still so stoked for the school year! 

How are you guys going to be spending your summer!?

xx, Shirley