July 23, 2014

Cut It Out, Man

top // brandymelville     jacket // forever21     skirt // c/o lucky21     bag // ross     
shoes // c/o thestyleclubla     necklaces // c/o  infinitine + forever21     sunglasses // c/o 80spurple

I don't think I've ever posted so many pictures in an outfit post before...but I guess it was a good day for me!!!

 I've also gone to the land of Halters and now I can't get out; basically, I'm obsessed. Not going to lie, I wore this halter top + denim jacket combo probably 6/7 days of the week...

BUT let's talk about these boots for a minute. 
I. AM. OBSESSED. They go with just about everything that I happen to throw on my body, and they are soooooo comfortable. As a Style Club ambassador, I was sent them, and WOW I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. 

In other news, I've been stressing and crying about college applications. You know; the usual.

I'm not sure if you guys are informed, but I'm quiiite a huge ginormous fan of 5sos, anD I AM GOING TO THE JIMMY KIMMEL OUTDOOR CONCERT TOMORROW. Is the excitement real? YES. IT IS SO REAL. I will be documenting it in the form of a video blog (or, "vlog", as the hip people say) and a blog post too??? 

Anyways I hope your summer(s) have been going well!! Talk to you guys sooooon((: 

xx Shirley

July 9, 2014

Paradise Dreaming

swim top // f21     top // ross     shorts // ross     cap // UCLA

I'm back from Paradisee! I recently went to Cancun, and I have yet to spam you guys with posts, so consider yourself warned! 
Cancun was super fun, and I'd love to go back! If only it weren't so humid...
Hope your summer break is going well; personally, I'm brainstorming for my college essays already =/


p.s. follow my instagram for more posts! 

xx shirley

June 28, 2014

Heart Out

t o p // ross     f l a n n e l // forever21     s k o r t // c/o cndirect     j e w e l r y // c/o infinitine

Expect more outfit posts since I'm on summer vacation now!!
Also clutched my 4.0 for this semester so I am SO incredibly happy and proud.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate my bracelet that is a bent screw/nail? yeah. 
I just want to say that infinitive jewelry is SO great. LIKE...the quality is freaking amazing. Honestly I was expecting cheap quality since it was from Asia, but it's actually really really good high quality.
just FYI!(:

xx shirley